Maserati Japan

iOS iPad application design.

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As Principal UX Designer

Maserati Japan wanted a unique Japan-specific mobile app. The local dealership association and the Maserati Club had to approve.


I was asked to research and help define the features of the app. Once we had a feature list, I was to design a user experience for it.


I reviewed dealer and club interviews, performed a competitive analysis of current automobile apps. The competition focused on specific models and had little to do with dealers and no club apps. Dealers wanted a sales tool, and the club wanted to include recent buyers. Instead, I recommended an iPad app that worked for the sales staff. I recommended including an iPad with the app in every Maserati sold in Japan, with a Maserati club membership.


The app was a big success with dealers and the club. Dealers liked using that app for sales and promoting it as a perk to buyers, and the number of new buyers becoming club members doubled. Audi-Japan was impressed with the results and requested we design an app for them.

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