UX research, innovation, info-graphic and app design.

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As the senior UX Designer

CollabWorks had Action-Based-Costing solution applied to the work that workers do. It was comprised of 10 modules with dozens of steps requiring professional on-site moderation by highly skilled HR professionals.


To make each of the modules workable so that team can use them independently after minimal training.


A heuristic evaluation of all the modules helped to find common structure and data types, also revealing deviations in terminology. All ten modules required iterative design, prototyping, and testing with users. Calculations were also recreated and advanced to match new thinking developed in the process.


All ten modules were successfully combined into one solution that, with only 30 minutes of training, empowered customers to independently use and gather insights on the value of their teams. The tool proved extremely valuable, for example, technology teams of 24 at a Fortune100 company successfully increased annual value by $1Million.

Other Projects

  • EdenOnEOS DAO elections
    Product design, IA and UI.
  • Solana defi margin trading
    Product design, UI, and prototype.
  • Voice blockchain social application
    Research & validation design
  • Mojey mobile token app
    Research, innovation, UX architecture & design
  • Blockchain lexicon
    UX research project
  • Virtumedix telemedicine
    Architecture, UX/UI design
  • EOSIO blockchain authenticator
    Research, innovation & UX
  • Digital identity project
    Research, innovation, design validation
  • Collabworks
    UX research, innovation, info-graphic and app design
  • Marono fashion mobile app
    User experience, architecture and UI design
  • Slacker Radio
    UX design, research and innovation
  • Maserati Japan
    Product Design, iPad App, UX Architecture