Eden on EOS

EdenOnEOS DAO elections. Product design, IA, and UI. New functionality, close integration with engineering.

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Philosophy of Eden: EdenOS is a revolutionary new democratic process that protects and enhances the independence and power of those who join. When you join the Eden community, you gain access to a group of people working together to empower you and your family to make a more significant impact in the world.

As the Product Designer at Fractally, my job was to define the architecture of all experiences for the EdenOS DAO app. Unique challenges included zoom-video-based member onboarding and playoff-style election processes. Those and many more features did not have competitive analogies to which users could be related. On top of that were blockchain usability hurdles.

The bar was high. We had to build this rapidly with highly talented front-end and blockchain teams.


To design the architecture and core functional features of Eden, a tool that empowers a new generation of DAOs, community builders, and influencers to reshape how groups, teams, and movements select leaders and representatives in a democratic process free of capture—built on the EOS blockchain.

Key features:
1) Video-based onboarding
2) Membership views
3) Playoff-style small group voting
4) Election results and treasury status pages
5) Distribute funds upon completion of each election


The whole development team and I read Dan Larimer's book, More Equal Animals. With a solid understanding of the process, desired outcomes, and the structures required to work with blockchain, I worked with the development team, who understood the technical boundaries needed to complete tasks. In contrast, I defined new intuitive and efficient processes for the users.

1) I created user flows and defined a future-proof mobile-first architecture suitable for the functionality to work in a web app. Then validated the architecture with all functionality mapped out within.

2) Users had to complete important decision-related tasks in a minimal time. I chose a text-first approach with highly selective use of icons for this evolving information-rich experience.

3) The architecture and all features within were rapid-prototyped before development.


Our first election took place six months after design and development began. The community found it was easy to use and voted successfully in the app. The Eden on EOS community took over the project and has used it since the fall of 2021.

The entire process was Occam's razor approach to design. The temptation was always toward complexity. The key to our success was to display to the user only that which was paramount to decision-making at any given time.

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