| EOSIO iOS Blockchain Authenticator App

EOSIO blockchain authenticator. Research, innovation & UX.

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As the UX Researcher in a fast-paced blockchain technology-innovation environment.


I was asked by the CTO to capture, research, design and prototype a usable full-featured EOSIO blockchain key-management for iOS.


I participated in active listening, whiteboard sessions and led documentation sessions with the CTO. From there, I created feasibility and competitive landscape research briefs that included blockchain and non-blockchain-related solutions. With that understanding, I began generating UX keyframe views for content, followed by rapid, low-fidelity, then high-fidelity prototypes, to validate usability assumptions. I created usability prototypes that communicated high usability and viability with blockchain technology and development teams.


App front-end, security, and blockchain engineering teams took my app concept work and user flow to the point of creating a new product called the EOSIO Authenticator app for iOS. The app was released as an open-source project to the EOSIO blockchain developer community in early 2019, and was released by the community to the Apple AppStore.


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